Tea Lights

Candelahs are powered by common household tea light candles. Tea lights in clear cases are preferred to those in metal cases as they are virtually invisible inside the Candelah. BEEING offers tea light candles in clear cases as well as tealights without any casing - for the refill and reuse of clear tea light cases.

Long Matches

Long matches are ideal for lighting the little candle at the bottom of a Candelah. The matchboxes are decorated using Foil Art and shimmer in turquoise, red, gold, blue, green, silver, pink, rosegold and purple. Assorted samples below.

Upcycled Greeting Cards

We give our discarded metal tea light cases a new life: on a greeting card. Take our ideas as inspiration for your own creative session - or get a card from us. Not always in stock - but always in stock before we waste.

More than ordinary bags

In collaboration with Sisanda FunDaytion, BEEING offers children "without access" Arts & Crafts lessons. The results of each session are pasted onto brown paper bags. 100% of the profit goes right back to the little artists, who are treated to an outing of their choice.

We currently do not have any "Sisanda Bags" in stock, but will continue with our project as soon as the Corona Virus Pandemic is behind us.

Click here for more information about Sisanda FunDaytion